Anthony | Canada Basketball

Anthony Luyken

Role: Learning Facilitator (LF)
Context(s): Learn to Train, Train to Train
P/TSO: Basketball BC
Hometown: Langley, BC
Years as a Coach Developer: 3
Coaching Experience:

30 years high school, 25 years of Provincial Basketball, 9 years CIS

Other Basketball Experience(s):

Played 4 years CIS, Created club program in BC, coached at numerous camps throughout Canada and USA

What motivated you to get into coaching?:

Love of the game and the opportunity to give back.

What do you love about being a Coach Developer?:

Meeting and being engaged with other coaches.

Why did you want to be a Coach Developer?:

To deliver and raise consciousness of game.

Favorite Coaching Quote:

When you step on the court, "its business". We need to control the tempo and play our game.


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