Frank | Canada Basketball

Frank Foo

Role: Learning Facilitator (LF)
Context(s): Learn to Train, Train to Train
P/TSO: Newfoundland & Labrador Basketball Association
Hometown: Massey Drive, NL
Years as a Coach Developer: 7
Coaching Experience:

NL Provincial for over 10 years, Canada Centre of Performance for 4 years, High School & Junior High

Other Basketball Experience(s):

Former Memorial University Varsity player, doing Basketball Clinics and camps in Malaysia the past two years

What motivated you to get into coaching?:

Love of the game, Joy of teaching

What do you love about being a Coach Developer?:

Impart teaching experience to young coaches, the frontline of learning

Why did you want to be a Coach Developer?:

Passion to learn new ideas, Wants to be current with the modern game

Favorite Coaching Quote:

My own, "Sometime the right thing is the wrong way, and the Wrong Thing is the right way!"


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