Jodi | Canada Basketball

Jodi Gram

Role: Master Coach Developer (MCD)
Context(s): FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Train to Compete
P/TSO: Ontario Basketball
Hometown: Markham, ON
Years as a Coach Developer: 10
Coaching Experience:

High school, OSBA, Provincial teams, CIS, U16/17 National team

Other Basketball Experience(s):

CIS player

What motivated you to get into coaching?:

A chance to empower young athletes to strive for goals, to develop confidence and resiliency, and build interdependent relationships

What do you love about being a Coach Developer?:

The most powerful way to impact the playing experience of youth is, arguably, through helping coaches develop holistic philosophies to support them

Why did you want to be a Coach Developer?:

Opportunity to connect and learn from others, to share best practices, and be able to examine the game, collaboratively, from many different perspectives.

Favorite Coaching Quote:

"You are who you are is a limiting thought process" - Chris Oliver


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