Tom | Canada Basketball

Tom Oliveri

Role: Master Coach Developer (MCD)
Context(s): Learn to Train, Train to Train, Train to Compete
P/TSO: Ontario Basketball
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Years as a Coach Developer: 12
Coaching Experience:

27 Years

Other Basketball Experience(s):

Head Coach MBB York University

What motivated you to get into coaching?:

It allowed me the opportunity to continue my desire to compete at a game I loved! Once I started to coach I had a thirst for knowledge and I have spent the last 27 years trying to satisfy that thirst.

What do you love about being a Coach Developer?:

It allows me to give back to the next generation of coaches.

Why did you want to be a Coach Developer?:

I wanted to help shape the direction that coaching education was going to take. In addition I wanted to make myself available to the latest coaching pedagogy.

Favorite Coaching Quote:

Fairness is giving all people the treatment they deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike. That's unfair, because everyone doesn't earn the same treatment. John Wooden


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