Before the team heads to Europe for an 11-game exhibition tour, Nash spoke with reporters about the future of the program. 

Q: What role do you see yourself in here?

A: I’m here to teach everyone what I’ve learned in a long career and be a part of the development. The special part for me is to help the guys with the many things they want to improve.


Q: Is what you’re showing them different than what a coach would show them?

A: It’s a little bit different to be instructed by a guy who is still playing but after 18 years in the league and still playing, I can do some things on the court and show the guys. It’s fun for me and they seem to enjoy it. It’s part of the cool dynamic of being a general manager while I can still play.


Q: Is it awkward for you because a lot of these guys would have watched you growing up?

A: We are like a family. They don’t ask me for autographs or anything but I might start asking them for theirs.


Q: How will this tour translate into next year?

A: Any little development is huge. It’s a chance for our core guys to get some invaluable experience. Next summer is going to be an incredibly tall task, we have a lot of talent but we have no international experience, no experience together nor experience playing for Jay. The chemistry, the culture, the experiences we gain this summer are going to be pivotal for next summer.


Q: Are players buying in to the program?

A: All the guys want to be a part of the program but for various reasons, it’s hard to get everyone here at the same time. Next year, when the Olympics are on the line, maybe we can get everyone together. But we are talking about so many dynamics; schedules, bodies, what the clubs want, what their teams feel is best for them at this moment in their career. Especially in a summer, it is hard to sell to some of the teams. But the guys want to be a part of it; they realize it’s their program to own and their country to play for.